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A Medium Dimension Laminated ‘rocky’ Rocking Horse Timber Pack

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Don´t let the slim look fool you, as they are strong constructed and robust , but lighter than their brother the casero stand, and easy to deal with. Corriente, Santiago, and Tack Room Rack are all new members to our saddle stand family. We decided to create these throughout saddle stand fashions so you should have more choices in displaying your saddle. Design and built to resemble their brother, the Casero saddle stand.

The saddle stand is well crated, with plenty of safety, and it is extremely rare that a delivery firm damages our merchandise. If the saddle stand arrives broken, do not accept it, and inform us instantly so we can start on the replacement. When your saddle stand arrives, be prepared to dissemble the crate, and you will need a powerful powerful drill to unscrew it. For more visible particulars and information about our saddle stands, go to Jorge Kurczyn´s YouTube channel. Register with us on Facebook to remain in contact with us and see the latest furnishings and saddle stand designs. It will also depend on their circumstance for delivery, but often we add one week of grace to the time-frame. If you’ve a preference as to your delivery firm, it’s totally acceptable to us.

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Our saddle stands are one hundred% handmade, so remember that a custom saddle stand could require more time. We offer these saddle stands with a wide range of entrance panels and end options, from strong panels to leather and customized design colors. Give us your decorating concepts and we’ll incorporate them in your saddle stand design.

Crossfire 2 Horse Bp *coming Quickly*

horse accessories

He introduced a saddle residence from a polo match and positioned it inside his house on a stand that he had built. In these days a stand was referred to as a saddle rack, and it could possibly be present in a barn or tack room. A rack was inexpensive and disposable, and it was used to assist a saddle when it was not on a horse. Not liking the name “saddle rack”, Jorge referred to as his a “saddle stand”. The stand was each functional and beautiful, proudly on display inside his house. From that idea spawned Jorge´s “Casero” saddle stand, which is now an business icon. WHEN DELIVERED TO ITS DESTINATION ensure to examine the box or crate.

We will contact them as per your request and arrange supply. Once your order is completed, our transport time is anywhere between 2 to four weeks, or sooner if the saddle stand is in stock. Normally it’ll take not more than four weeks for the saddle stand to achieve its destination.