These 7 Lizards Are Worth Keeping, Which Do You Choose?

These cool-looking lizards seem to be an alternative to pets besides dogs and cats.

Lizards are four-legged scaly animals. They belong to the reptile group. There are many types of lizards in this world. Most of the species are predatory animals (predators).

However, lizards can make interesting pets. As long as you can take care of him and full of vigilance. Because after all this animal is basically a wild animal and it is not recommended for children to keep this reptile. Here are 5 lizards that are worth keeping for you. It’s funny, okay.

1. Spiderman Lizards. Spiderman lizard, that’s how he is popularly called because the color is really similar to the Spiderman hero character. It’s just that this lizard is very difficult to find. This lizard is a type of Mwanza flat head religion. This type of lizard is native to Africa and usually lives in groups

2. Leopard Gecko. Is a nocturnal animal that originally came from Pakistan, India, and Iran. Currently this lizard is a popular pet because it is relatively easy to maintain.

3. Tegu. Is a lizard commonly called the Argentinian lizard. This lizard can grow to a length of 1.2 meters. Many say that this lizard is a lizard that is safe to keep because it is calm and does not bite.

4. Bearded Dragon or Bearded Dragon. This lizard comes from Australia. Currently the bearded dragon is a popular pet in the world. Because it is easy to care for beginners. Eating is not difficult because it is omnivore.

5. Panana Lizard. This lizard has several nicknames that are commonly used as Blue Tongue skink or Tilqua lizards. According to many reptile enthusiasts, this lizard is perfect for beginners to keep.

6. Savannah Monitor Lizard. This lizard is native to Africa. This lizard is also sometimes called the Bosc Monitor. Its main diet is insects and mice.

7. Lizard. Its cool name is water monitor lizard. Currently also reptile lovers who keep this type of lizard.